Saturday, December 1, 2007

Whipped Body Butter.

When I bought my Goat's Milk stuff online the other day I also bought some ingredients to make body butter. I'm not gonna put my recipe on here because it's my secret :) I used Shea Butter Base, Vitamin E, Coconut Oil, Mixed Berries Oil, and Olive Oil. Last night I was a little disappointed because after mixing it up in the mixer it still wasn't taking a 'whipped' like appearance. When I got up this morning it had taken shape and was just like iciing! It's a little greasy going on at first because of the shea butter, but then it sinks in and my hands feel smooth all day!


clarke said...

You better save some of that for me! And some soap, too! :o)

Anonymous said...

Try adding a bit of cornstarch to your body butter to help with the greasy feeling. You don't need much I use about 2 tbs per 14 ounces of oils.

To get it to whip good, try putting your bowl that your whipping your oils in over an ice bath. I place a bowl full of ice water under my mixer bowl in my kitchen-aid stand mixer while it mixes. Or put it in the freezer for 3 minutes, and then remove and whip for 3 minutes. And repeat until it's the consistency of frosting.

If you added any of your goats milk, or water of any amounts you need a proper preservative. There are no natural preservatives as some claim. They are just antioxidents and will not prevent mold and bacteria from growing.

Good Luck and have fun. And there are so many ways to make whipped body butter depending on the amounts of butters and other oils.

Another thought is to add rosemary (ROE) to your oils to help keep them from going rancid. It slows the process down.

And I don't know what type of shea butter you purchased, but consider only buying the unrefined because the refined and ultra refined do NOT contain the same skin healing properties as the unrefined.

Have fun, it's awesome to make handmade bath and body products. But make them safe as well.