Monday, December 31, 2007


Well, my freebies got better after Xmas. I still cannot believe Christmas has come and gone. When I was younger it seemed like the holiday's would not come quick enough, now I can't even catch up. I hope you all have an awesome Monday and a great New Year's Eve(don't drink too much!) :)

Note: Make sure when you are signing up for freebies that you are not saying that you got it from a freebie website. Make sure you say "friend" or something relevant to that or they won't send it to you. Also, do not give them your phone number. I always give them a fake phone number or one that is expired.

Signs of a heart attack magnet

Baseball Cap (use promo code: 605)

Take survey and receive Commit to be Fit Together Bracelet

Tool Lasso with belt clip

Carabiner style stopwatch

Clarins Beauty Samples

Printing Samples from Staples

Whirley Pop Popcorn Kit

Powdered Goat's Milk

Take quiz and receive a Guardian Travel Mug (answers to quiz: 1. A 2. C. 3 C. 4 D. 5 B)

Register and get a Cadillac Eye-wear case (this might not come but it's worth a shot)

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