Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ultimate Paintball

OK ladies, this post is not about our crafts or our other girlie topics. However, I thought that it might interest you considering you probably have a husband, brother, or son who likes paintball. I had no idea what paintball was until 8th grade when my boyfriend at the time, tried to get me to go play. Of course, I passed, but it amazes me how much this leisure sport has grown since then. If you're having to get a belated Christmas gift then you should check out this paintball site. They have all of the name brand guns and accessories at low prices. Also, if you spend $99 then you will qualify for free UPS shipping. Right now they have a spyder mr3 gun package originally priced $399 and has been marked down to $245. That comes with everything that your man would need for a day of paintball.

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