Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Freebies of the Day

Menopause Survival Kit - I think I know some Mom's that might need this... :)

Sun Crystals Natural Sweetener

Bathing of Beauty- It says nothing about free samples, but word has it if you request a catalogue, then you will also receive's worth a try.

Women's Orthopedic Health Kit from Harbor Hospital

Dog Pain Relief Sample

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the dog pain relief sample from yesterday requires you to confirm the request via email. They sent me an email and at the bottom it asked me to click on the link to confirm it. Make sure that you do this, or you probably won't get the sample...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Welcome to Dominos

I made fried chicken last night, so I requested that we order in tonight. I have recently been amazed at the way that you can order pizza online. I like being able to ponder over which toppings that I want without the person on the phone huffing and puffing for me to answer. I was surprised at how many toppings that they have, which by the way, they never mention when you call. Last week, we ordered Papa Johns and got the new tuscan style pizza. Tonight, we decided to get Dominos, since it is right down the street. It is just like ordering on Papa Johns, but you can actually watch the process of your pizza being made! Jake and I literally sat there watching it saying, "Audrey is preparing your food", "Audrey is baking your food". It looks like a little thermometer that goes through various stages. Tuesday is Tuesday X2, when you can get buy one large pizza, get one free. Go watch your food being made! :)

Wowzers Walgreens

I am addicted to Walgreens. It is much more simple to buy things there than it is at Walmart, which by the way I hate going in. I love the rebate program at Walgreens, and I receive cash each month. Last month I got fourteen dollars back, and I just got a notice in the mail saying that I have four dollars added to my gift card for this month. You simply buy the items that are in the rebate book, and then mail in your receipts and the rebate page back at the end of the month. If you request a gift card instead of check, then you will get more money back. Anything to save a dollar! :)

Walgreens Rebate Club

Freebies of the Day

Create a "green" t-shirt, and receive a free sample of purex naturals

Dog Supplement Samples- to help relieve your pooch of their aches and pains. I saw something like this on an infomercial the other looked pretty neat. Make sure that you consult your vet before giving it to your dog though.

Advil with a $2 off coupon- This is a repeat, but I think you should be able to sign up for it again.

White Sox Kid's Fan Club- for children 12 years of age and younger

Emergen-C Pink Lemonade

Sensodyne Toothpaste

Aquafresh Advanced

Get a free Kroger re-usable shopping bag, when you design a bag on the site. (The coupon for the bag will be uploaded to your Kroger shopping card, so you have to have a previous shopping account with them...)

*Just a friendly reminder: Make sure that you do not say that you heard about the free sample from a "freebie website". More than likely, you will not receive the sample. I learned this the hard way...

Adorable YouTube Video

Ellen had this youtube video on her show today. You must watch it, it is just too cute!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Post

Hey Everybody,
Sorry about the short posts recently. I hope to have a longer list of freebies soon..bear with me...


Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I think I've listed this on my money maker links on the left hand side, but Cash Crate is an awesome site to earn a little extra income. I just received a 20.00 check from them today. They pay monthly, so for example, whatever money that you earn in April, then you will be paid by mid-May. I had actually forgotten that I had an account with them, because I've been doing so many surveys online and writing. But, I decided to sign in and just see what offers they had. I then realized that they had already started processing my payment.

You can set your payout limit at a particular price, mine is $10 and then once you have that and it is within 20 days of the end of the month, then they will send your check. You can earn money or points by signing up for offers, most of which do not require a credit card number. You can also take surveys. Once you have enough points, you can cash those out for a gift card. I was very skeptical of sites like this before, but my payment was proof!

Go check out won't be sorry :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Here We Go Again

Just letting everyone know that we are expecting another little one. It was a pleasant surprise but we are excited either way. Some people are kinda worried, and of course I'm very nervous about it, but we're happy that Jayden will have a little brother or sister to play with. They will be 17 months apart! Due date is December 29th...

Go Team!

Just wanted to give a big congrats to my husband. He was recently given a promotion as team leader at Lowe's step: management :)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Laptop

Yay! I finally got my own laptop. I have never had one and I have always envied others who did. I have been using one of Jake's for a while and the mouse did not work so I had to attach one. Needless to say it was outdated. However, I was grateful for what I had. Many people would not even have that. But with the amount of work that I do from home, it was not working for me anymore. My laptop is called the Acer "Crystal Eye" hehe. No joke. Those of you who know me, know how much I believe in "signs", so I figured it was meant to be since it had my name on it. :)

Hotel California

My Mom's lifelong dream has been to see the Eagles in concert. I received an email a while back from the Myrtle Beach welcome center informing me that the Eagles were going to be at the Hard Rock Park(where the old Pavilion used to be). I immediately called our Dad to let him know, and to make sure not to tell Mom. We all decided to chip in and buy her ticket so that she and Dad could go. Their anniversary was yesterday, so we decided to surprise her with it. Mother's day is coming up as well as her Birthday in May so we thought it would be a great early gift. Needless to say she is still in shock. They are going to the "Grand Opening" of the park and with the tickets they get a 2 day pass to the rides, as well as entrance into any concert shows after 7pm on both evenings(including the Eagles and Moody Blues). They are also going to get a food and drink package, souveniers, commemorative photo, and desert! Happy Anniversary, Mother's Day, and Birthday Mom! :)

Pepsi Beach Towel

As you noticed, I have Amazon stuff listed on the sides(you can order through me to help a working mom out : ) ) Anyways, I found this beach towel and thought I'd share it...I mentioned it to Jake, so hopefully he'll get the hint hehe

Pepsi Cola Beach Towel

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Jaybird Update

Thought I'd update everyone a little bit about Jayden....

He's still not sleeping in the crib, but he will sleep on the pampison(spelling?) chair cushion on the who knows, at least it works. Sometimes he sleeps in our room on a cushion on the floor if he doesnt go to sleep right away. He's still a little under weight..17 pounds. He was 16 pounds at his 6 month. We're not quite sure why he's not gaining very much even though he eats like a little piglet. He is a lot like his dad, he will eat anything that we give him. I dont think there is one thing that he will not eat. Anyways, he's very long, 28 inches so they think that he's just working off the weight during the day.

Jayden is currently drinking juice out of a straw! yay for us. Apparently that is a big deal for a baby his age. I'm trying to teach him to drink with the straw out of a regular cup so that he will learn not to spill it later on, instead of those other sippy cups that are "spill proof". He's still drinking milk like normally out of a bottle. As you can see in the pic above he's learned to turn over in the bath tub. Once he realized he could do it, he won't stop! And he loves the water being poured over his head. I was so worried he was going to be one of those children that hates the water and is scared of it, because I love the water. But it looks like he's going to be a regular little fish :) His dad and I are planning a beach trip for the end of July so hopefully I can get him in the water before we go...

On another note, Jake and I went and got me a new diamond ring. I had to pawn my other diamond a while back. We traded in my wedding band and another fashion ring that he had bought for me to get a new set. I just felt wrong wearing the set that I wore the first time since we had been separated since then. Anyways, it is in an antique setting and I have been wanting it forever! I think Jake is looking into getting our vowels renewed at the beach but he wont say much about it.... :)

Miniture S'more Grill

I found this tutorial on Craft Magazine's site. It is too cute. Go check it out...

Mini S'more's Grill

Monday, April 7, 2008

Vote for Jay!

OK guys I need a favor...

Since I am Jay's mother, I obviously think he is the most cutest adorable baby. But, if you think so too, then go here and vote for his picture.

(you owe me for all of those freebies...j/k!! :) )

Daily Freebies

Eucerin Healing Ointment

Eucerin Foot Creme

Eucerin Calming Creme

Growth Chart

Baby CD

Tampax Cardboard

Friday, April 4, 2008

Daily Freebies

Thought I'd post some of the freebies I signed up for today. I think I'll try to do this daily instead of once per week so that you can sign up for them before they expire. Enjoy! :)

$25 Amazon Gift Card from HP (instructions say they will email with directions..worth a shot) (Pin :121)

Join the Disney Panel and receive gifts for completing surveys

Hallmark card from Walmart

Earthbound Farm Tote Bag for completing quiz (answers: 2 3 1 3 4 2 2 1 2 1)

Gift from GOPlayMiami

Sports tape from Johnson and Johnson

Sweat Block

Potty Training DVD