Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hotel California

My Mom's lifelong dream has been to see the Eagles in concert. I received an email a while back from the Myrtle Beach welcome center informing me that the Eagles were going to be at the Hard Rock Park(where the old Pavilion used to be). I immediately called our Dad to let him know, and to make sure not to tell Mom. We all decided to chip in and buy her ticket so that she and Dad could go. Their anniversary was yesterday, so we decided to surprise her with it. Mother's day is coming up as well as her Birthday in May so we thought it would be a great early gift. Needless to say she is still in shock. They are going to the "Grand Opening" of the park and with the tickets they get a 2 day pass to the rides, as well as entrance into any concert shows after 7pm on both evenings(including the Eagles and Moody Blues). They are also going to get a food and drink package, souveniers, commemorative photo, and desert! Happy Anniversary, Mother's Day, and Birthday Mom! :)

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clarke said...

Finally, after all those nights at Sir Pizza, listening to Hotel California on the juke box! :o)