Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Jaybird Update

Thought I'd update everyone a little bit about Jayden....

He's still not sleeping in the crib, but he will sleep on the pampison(spelling?) chair cushion on the floor...lol who knows, at least it works. Sometimes he sleeps in our room on a cushion on the floor if he doesnt go to sleep right away. He's still a little under weight..17 pounds. He was 16 pounds at his 6 month. We're not quite sure why he's not gaining very much even though he eats like a little piglet. He is a lot like his dad, he will eat anything that we give him. I dont think there is one thing that he will not eat. Anyways, he's very long, 28 inches so they think that he's just working off the weight during the day.

Jayden is currently drinking juice out of a straw! yay for us. Apparently that is a big deal for a baby his age. I'm trying to teach him to drink with the straw out of a regular cup so that he will learn not to spill it later on, instead of those other sippy cups that are "spill proof". He's still drinking milk like normally out of a bottle. As you can see in the pic above he's learned to turn over in the bath tub. Once he realized he could do it, he won't stop! And he loves the water being poured over his head. I was so worried he was going to be one of those children that hates the water and is scared of it, because I love the water. But it looks like he's going to be a regular little fish :) His dad and I are planning a beach trip for the end of July so hopefully I can get him in the water before we go...

On another note, Jake and I went and got me a new diamond ring. I had to pawn my other diamond a while back. We traded in my wedding band and another fashion ring that he had bought for me to get a new set. I just felt wrong wearing the set that I wore the first time since we had been separated since then. Anyways, it is in an antique setting and I have been wanting it forever! I think Jake is looking into getting our vowels renewed at the beach but he wont say much about it.... :)

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