Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Welcome to Dominos

I made fried chicken last night, so I requested that we order in tonight. I have recently been amazed at the way that you can order pizza online. I like being able to ponder over which toppings that I want without the person on the phone huffing and puffing for me to answer. I was surprised at how many toppings that they have, which by the way, they never mention when you call. Last week, we ordered Papa Johns and got the new tuscan style pizza. Tonight, we decided to get Dominos, since it is right down the street. It is just like ordering on Papa Johns, but you can actually watch the process of your pizza being made! Jake and I literally sat there watching it saying, "Audrey is preparing your food", "Audrey is baking your food". It looks like a little thermometer that goes through various stages. Tuesday is Tuesday X2, when you can get buy one large pizza, get one free. Go watch your food being made! :)

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