Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I think I've listed this on my money maker links on the left hand side, but Cash Crate is an awesome site to earn a little extra income. I just received a 20.00 check from them today. They pay monthly, so for example, whatever money that you earn in April, then you will be paid by mid-May. I had actually forgotten that I had an account with them, because I've been doing so many surveys online and writing. But, I decided to sign in and just see what offers they had. I then realized that they had already started processing my payment.

You can set your payout limit at a particular price, mine is $10 and then once you have that and it is within 20 days of the end of the month, then they will send your check. You can earn money or points by signing up for offers, most of which do not require a credit card number. You can also take surveys. Once you have enough points, you can cash those out for a gift card. I was very skeptical of sites like this before, but my payment was proof!

Go check out won't be sorry :)

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