Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Goods from Goodwill

A town near by opened up a new Goodwill so I decided it was time to check it out. My Mom used to shop there all of the time when I was little. However, as I got older I thought I had to have everything brand new and name brand so we stopped going there as much. Everything changes when it's your own money! Nowadays I buy nothing unless it's on sale, ridiculously marked down, or Walmart. Now that I've had a baby I figured I'd go in there and buy some clothes because my mother-in-law has bought several things there for Jay and they looked really nice. Plus, there's no sense in buying brand new stuff that he will be growing out of in a couple of months. Before Xmas I stopped in there because I had to get a few things for a child that I was sponsoring and I also got some stuff for Jay. I really did not look at anything except baby stuff so the other day I went back with my Christmas Money. How come no one told me they had such neat stuff?!! OMG I was freaking out. I ended up buying more than I meant to but I only spent a total of $40.

*3 Tshirts: 1.75 each
*2 fitted sheets and 2 top sheets: $2 each
*Madison Studio Travel Jewelry case(Brand NEW): $1
*Vintage Pocketbook: $3
*Sleeper for Jay: $1
*4 Corning ware Coffee mugs: .99 each
*50th Anniv. Plate: .99
*Antique Potato bin: $10

This is one of the Corning ware mugs. This was a DEAL. At first I thought they were just basic Correll or something but then I turned them over and saw the vintage graving and the "Pyrex" marking. I snatched those things up before anyone else could see what they were. After I paid for them I told the sales lady that they needed to be watching their china and explained to her what they were and the brand. She couldn't believe someone working there priced them so cheap. I don't think she was very happy....

The picture does not do this justice but it's an antique potato bin. They had just put it out and when I saw it was only $10 I had her hold it for me. The top part opens up with hinges. I'm going to cover up the mesh part with copper and then use it as a trash can or some kind of storage.

This is my favorite! These were very big back in the 70's. It's actually 2 place mats sewn together. The handles look like wood in the picture but they are actually plastic. The colors reminded me so much of my Grandma's orange and brown kitchen.

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