Friday, December 7, 2007

A New Post for Pay Site

I recently came across a site that was very similar to PayPerPost and I thought you fellow bloggers might like to try it. You can also get paid for blogging at Smorty's site. It is an affiliate based site meaning it connects advertisers with bloggers. All the blogger has to do is write an opinion based post about the site and then include a link that will direct a reader back to the advertisers site. I have not been a member for very long but so far I like it. I also signed up with Smorty's Affiliate site and I get access to other advertisers ads that I can put on my site as well. If you are tired of Adsense, then you might want to try Smorty's affiliate site instead.

Another great incentive is the referral program. Each person you can sign up, you also get a commission. Overall, I've enjoyed working on this site. The ads were super easy to find on the affiliate program and there are good variety of topics to post about.

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