Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Prime Dating Reviews

Have you guys seen those dating commercials? There’s one from harmony.com that comes on one of the local stations a lot. There’s these couples that go on there and say how they found their significant other on this specific site. There was even this one couple on there that was from a town near me. I was a little weary of the dating sites until my Mom met my Step-dad on one of them. I was always convinced that it was nothing but a bunch of weirdo guys trying to get a bunch of dates. I was wrong. If you are looking for a site that has actual reviews then you need to check out this Dating site. The website has reviews from pretty much every dating site out there, such as Yahoo Personals or Perfect Match.

My favorite review was for Perfect Match. When meeting someone new it can be hard to figure out how to “break the ice” so to speak. Even if you are perfectly compatible, you still need a push in the right direction. Perfect Match has taken care of this with questions that will help you get your conversation off to the right start, instead of just a boring “hello”. When applying you also take a personality test that has questions such as what is your favorite TV show and how you deal with stressful issues. The people at Perfect Match then list others who are compatible according to your personality answers.

I’m married so obviously I’m not looking for a mate, nor have I registered on one of these sites. I found out all of this info from the reviews on the Prime Dating website. If your still dateless in 2008 then you might want to head on over there.

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