Monday, January 28, 2008

MaNiC MoNDay

It seems that I have neglected my blog lately. However, I can honestly say that things have been pretty boring around here. Last week I ended having the stomach thing for about a week and we came to the conclusion that I had the flu. Other than that charming experience everything has been pretty quiet. I have been working like a mad woman for STM Writing Solutions the past couple of weeks. I. Love. It. My mom watches Jay and then I go into my "office" where no one is allowed to bother me, hehe. There is one thing that never gets boring and that is Manic Monday...

Samples from GLAD (supposedly if you sign up as a member you will receive free's worth a try)

Rebuilding New York pin

Take a sample from TIDE and receive a free sample

Smart Memo board sample

Voucher for Yoplait Kids Yogurt

Download free Valentine's Day cards (these are adorable)

13-Moon Pocket Calendar

Dove and Globe Peace Pin

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