Monday, January 21, 2008

MaNiC mONdaY

Hey Everybody,
I do not have a picture for manic monday this time. I am writing to you from my bed so I'm not able to take a picture this time(I did get some cool stuff). There has been a nasty stomach bug going around. My father-in-law had it last week, and then my husband, and now I have it. I was up most of the night worshiping the toilet. Every time I am out of the bed I feel like I am going to throw up again. Sorry for the nasty detail. Anyways, here is manic monday...

Life's a dog bumper sticker

Biore' Product Samples

Huggies diaper
from Sams Club

Dog de-wormer from Safeguard

Geek Flirt Lip Gloss

DMC Cross Stitch Mentor Kit (I have been told by others that this freebie does come and it is an awesome kit)

Quaker Granola Bar

Members Mark Infant Formula

Guitar Lessons DVD

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