Tuesday, January 15, 2008

6 months

Baby Jay is going to kill me for that picture one day. But that's OK. It is too darn cute to pass up a photo opportunity. The outfit is actually his Uncle Nathan's Halloween costume that he wore when he was younger or when he was "little" as Nathan says. :)
We went to the doctor today. He is now 27 inches long, and 16 pounds. They were a little concerned about his weight because when looking at him you would never think he's that little. But his Dad hides his weight well(don't all men?!) and the doc also said that he might have a high metabolism or he might just end up being a small kid. He eats like a pig and fusses when I don't get it in his mouth quick enough so I have no idea where he puts it....oh wait now I know where all of the diapers are coming from. I had to answer this big questionnaire with stuff like "is your baby screaming out loud". Yes yes and yes again. He is such a little loud mouth. He makes sure that you know he's in that room. The weird thing is he is so in tune. Sometimes he'll copycat some music playing and he is definitely not tune deaf(thank goodness). The rest of the questionnaire was stuff like "is he picking things up with his hands", or "with both hands", is he "rolling over", "does he recognize everyday objects". He was pretty much yes to all of them and the doc said that he's above average as far as motor skills go. Which I knew was true. I've been telling everyone what a little genius he is! :) He came out of me looking like a toddler with his big mop of hair so of course he's going to act like one. His dad and I have been joking around saying "well usually two negatives make a positive".
Jay's been sleeping a lot today. And just so you know he go daffy duck band aids this time. He spit up all over his blanket while we were waiting so his dad gave him his jacket to wrap around him. I can't believe that I did not bring another one, nor did I bring a burp cloth. I also ran out of wipes because there was only one in the container. I was so unprepared! Usually I bring my whole house with me when I go somewhere....

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