Monday, October 22, 2007

Picture Perfect Pocketbook

I have seen all of these adorable pocketbooks lately that have a place for pictures on it and while I was shopping in the craft department at walmart I found some clear vinyl (shower curtain material) that was in the remnant bin. I bought it on impulse thinking I could find some use for it. The other day my AVON tote bag ripped so I finally found a use for my vinyl!

I used a pocketbook that ironically I bought from AVON 2 years ago and I sewed the vinyl onto the pocketbook using dental floss and a cross stitch needle. But I also left an opening at the top so that I could change out the picture. I did not do it on both sides but I'm sure I will later.

This was super super easy to do! Plus, you can show off your pictures at the same time. You probably don't have to use dental floss, you could use embroidery floss too but I figured dental floss was really durable and easier to hold on to for this. I love the fact that it's versatile and you could even put a decorative fabric in the slot to match a certain outfit or to use as a background behind the picture.

Happy Crafting! :)

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