Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Got Milk?

Jayden is 3 months old today! He must be having some major growing spurts because today was one of his horrible moody days. We've marked it up as growing pains because we have no idea what else it could be. However, his cry was almost like a hungry cry so maybe he's just ready to take more formula. Tonight at bedtime I fed him a 9 ounce bottle and he drank the whole thing! The pictures below are very monumental because as you can see he is holding his own bottle. No, this was not one of those random pics that we got for a split second to show he's holding it- he really held it or a while! It was really cool! Today, he also mimicked my facial expressions and when I say "I Love You" he doesn't say the words, but he repeats the sound that the words make almost as if he's saying it. It is so awesome to see him slowly changing!

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