Tuesday, October 2, 2007

50 Things

1. I am addicted to my blog
2. I am addicted to facebook
3. I am addicted to my email...ok so the internet in general
4. my middle name is Memory
5. I broke my writing arm rollerskating
6. I am lefthanded
7. I have a lazy eye
8. I have my scuba diving license
9. I squeeze my toothpaste from the middle not the end
10. I sleep on the left side of the bed
11. I hate wearing socks to bed
12. I only eat the marshmallows out of Lucky Charms
13. I hate it when my food touches each other on my plate
14. I used to really hate ice in my drink but I'm getting used to it
15. I prefer no syrup on my pancakes if they are really really good pancakes
16. I would live underwater if I had gills
17. In middle school gym class I scored a basketball goal for the wrong team and started clapping...then I realized no one else was clapping
18. I really hate wal-mart
19. I could spend $100 in Dollar Tree
20. I won $500 from the Monopoly Game at McDonald's 2 years ago
21. I want to win again this year
22. I love getting freebies in the mail
23. I took interior design for 1 year and a half at RCC and then dropped out to be an Assistant Manager
24. I yell at other drivers when they piss me off even though they can't hear me it still makes me feel better
25. I'm getting really tired of people pulling out in front of me
26. I have a license plate on the front of my car that says "Wild Woman"
27. I believe in ghosts
28. I believe in angels
29. I believe in aliens
30. I like closing my eyes when I type
31. my closet was color coordinated before I had my son
32. I like clutter, it's comforting
33. I have my own organizational strategy
34. I cheated on a math test in 6th grade
35. I was bullied by a girl in 6th grade
36. I really hate shoes, and I would not wear them if most places didn't require them
37. I would love to go to beauty school
38. I would love to have my own nail salon
39. I hate painting my own nails
40. I have a birthmark on my bottom tooth that looks like a sesame seed
41. I got my long fingers and toes from my grandma
42. I'm double jointed
43. I hate coffee
44. I have sprained my left ankle 8 times
45. A dog bit the left side of my face when I was 4
46. my first crush was Dr. Doogie Hauzer
47. I really hate drying my hair
48. I pulled my pants down in a jewelry shop when I was little because my mom wouldn't buy me anything
49. I'm deathly scared of tornadoes
50. I believe everyone has multiple past lives
51. I think it's hard to just tell 50 things about yourself

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