Monday, November 12, 2007

MaNIc mONdaY

Ah it's Manic Monday again. It actually feels like Sunday to me because everyone in my house is home since schools are out today. The days have felt a little off anyways since time change. Well I hope you have an awesome Monday!

On to the freebies...

You pick the freebie (I really hope mine comes, but just dont get your hopes's always worth a try. Apparently you can choose what you want a sample of)

Pravda Vodka (drink responsibly :D )

T-Shirt Transfers (the freebie form is at the bottom)

Ferrero Chocolate (first 1000 entrants receive a sample...hurry!)

Hallmark Card


Ring Sizer

Murad Skincare

Computer Screen Cleaners from Gateway

Greenies Dog Treats (even if you have signed up for this before they will send you another sample)


2 coffee samples

NESCAFE Taster's Choice

Batian Peak Coffee

Ethiopian Coffee (sounded kinda strange but I thought it was worth a try)

Shelburne Falls Coffee Roasters

Paradise Coffee

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