Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Deal of the Day

On my recent freebie hunting I found this great site. It's called buy.com and if you check out with Google Checkout you get an automatic $10 off your total. Plus, if it's an item that has the little green truck with it, that means you get free shipping. I ordered something that was $10 and free shipping and mine is already on the way so I got it for FREE. It's only applicable for new customers and you have to put in your credit card number but that's only because google does not recognize that it's free. They charge a $1 to make sure it's a valid credit card, but they then put it back on your card in a couple of days. Make sure you choose to check out with "Google Checkout" (at the bottom) NOT buy.com's generic checkout or else you will not get the credit of $10. Also, if you get to the checkout and it still says you owe shipping try the drop down menu on the shipping column and choose the "$0.00" free shipping. If it's still not free shipping, then it probably doesn't have the green truck beside of the item and you'll have to find something else that does. I'm not sure how long they will be doing this promotion so you might want to act fast.

Make sure you check out the USB Flash Stick, mini digital camera, and HP Printer paper, all for only $10 + free shipping! They might not be in the $10 treasure bin but you can search for them easily. Also some of the items in the treasure bin might not be free shipping but you will only be paying a couple of bucks for a really great deal.

Click on the link below!

$10 off at Buy.com

If you feel like spending a little out of pocket you should really look around at all of the great deals on buy.com's site. The last time I looked they had some great deals on digital camera's right now. The thing about buy.com is that they compare prices on other sites and show you the price difference. Also, with each product they have on there, they are hooked up with the manufacturer so that's why they are able to give you the awesome deal, but you still come out not breaking the bank.

For Today's Deals Click Below:

Kingston, Sandisk, Viewsonic, Canon, Toshiba

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