Friday, November 30, 2007

Love Different

My parents met online, my husband and I talked online for a year or two before we ever met in person, and I'm sure someone reading this has met their significant other on the world wide web. I've heard of all of these dating sites that have popped up lately, but did you know that there is a dating site specifically for “gothic” singles? I, myself, am not looking for a significant other but I still thought this site was pretty interesting. The graphics on the site are what caught my eye, because they are very detailed for a dating site. This dark dating net is called Darkyria. It is vamped (no pun intended) towards goth, dark, fetish, and vampire related followers. However, on the home page it also states that it is also aimed at lovers of dark and metal music, and horror, fantasy, and sci-fi films. The neat feature is that you can send a “wink” to those you are interested in, if you are a tad bit shy. The name of the site reminds me so much of the beloved MTV show of my teenage years, DARIA. Does anyone remember that show?

If your looking for a not so goody-two-shoes then you should check out Goth singles aka Darkyria.

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