Thursday, November 29, 2007

Belated Thanksgiving

With all of the festivities at Thanksgiving, I forgot to post this. I made a Thanksgiving Time Capsule that we are going to open next year.

I traced both of Jayden's hands on paper for the base of the turkey.

I then retraced them onto some foam that I had laying around for scrapbooking. Each turkey feather is one of Jayden's fingers. I glued each finger on top of one another. I glued each turkey on the side of a baby food jar(Jayden's first baby food jar). We put the papers in the jar to open next year!

This is the finished product!

This activity would have probably been much more fun if Jay had been a little older to help me put it together. At Thanksgiving dinner we each wrote down what we were grateful for on a slip of paper with our name(s) at the top and then we passed it to our right. Each person had to write down on their neighbors paper what they were grateful for about them. No one wanted their neighbor to see what they had wrote so we had to fold our papers before we switched but I still think it was a great activity!

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