Monday, September 22, 2008

Feeling Under the Weather

I have not been able to do much on the computer the past few days, including work, because Jayden has been a little under the weather. Saturday, Jayden started acting extremely gassy and he came down with a high fever. After a dose of Tylenol, the fever would break only to come back an hour or two later. Last night I was unable to get the fever to break at all during the entire night. Today, however, he seems to be doing somewhat better as far as fevers go. He has seemed a little warm, but no where near as bad as he was before.

Last night I also had to go into the hospital because I was leaking "suspicious" fluid again with my pregnancy. The doctor had me come on in to the hospital just to make sure, and it ended up being an infection. While this is still not a comfortable situation, it is much better than having my water break early. I'm also still measuring around 4 weeks farther along, but they won't change it since the ultrasound said differently. It felt so odd being in the maternity wing of the hospital again. I even heard a girl screaming for an epidural while I was there, and it brought back many memories. :)

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