Thursday, September 27, 2007

Just put the shot down and no one get's hurt

Ah yes, baby's first shots. Horrible, horrible experience. I now believe that mother's are the bravest human beings on this planet if they can sit there and watch their baby be in pain without being able to do something about it. He had 3 shots, and then they put really cute bandaids on his boo boo's :) Tonight, at bath time, he literally took one of the bandaid's off himself. I'm saving it for his baby book to show the monumental event. Anyways, I'm getting off topic...oh yeah the doctor's office. Jayden has a rash that goes all the way around his neck. They are not really sure if he's allergic to something or if it's just a yeast rash. I, personally, have really sensitive skin so it could have something to do with sensitivity which goes back to allergies. Doc gave me a prescription for a powder to put on it. He came home and slept for about 6 hours straight without eating, which the doctor said would probably happen. Her words were "fussy babies tend to be sleepier babies when they've had these shots, and the opposite for happy babies". Gee I guess I got lucky to have a fussy baby then. She also scolded us for giving him baby food and cereal. But ya know, you can't go by the book for everything. And I highly doubt our ancestors had books back in the old days to tell them what month to switch to cereal or applesauce. They just did it when it felt right such as when the baby is sleeping through the night and able to hold his head steady. He had this mysterious rash before we started giving him the baby food so I'm pretty sure it's not that. Either way, we'll go by Doc's orders this time. I'll try anything as long as it makes him feel better.

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