Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Halo 3

I don't know about the other women out there but my husband is addicted to Halo. He has been waiting 3 years for this new game to come out. Ever since Xbox360 posted the Halo 3 trailer on XboxLive he has watched it more times than I can count. He would have probably been one of the crazy people at GameStop at midnight if he had not had to be at work early this morning. I was surfing the web earlier and I read somewhere(I think it was aol), that Halo 3 is beating Star Wars as far as popularity goes. I'm very sure that this week is going to be a very quiet week for many couples considering the men will be playing this *gasps* amazing game. My husband and I are currently separated but he still calls me every night and today he called me twice, which I think is to make up for the fact he will probably forget to call me tomorrow considering he's cheating on me with this game. Anyways, I was wondering if there was any more women out there who's marriage is being put on hold because of this new guy toy. It feels kinda nasty talking about this macho game after all of my posts on babies, scrapbooking and freebies :)

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