Monday, July 12, 2010


I am so proud of myself for posting three days in a row. That takes real determination on my part. The truth is, I get so wrapped up with facebook and fixing up my land on frontierville. I sound like a complete loser with no life. Fortunately, most of my friends are obsessed with frontierville too, so all is good.

In truth, it took me three days to get my blog back up to my standards. I feel like such a goob. I used to a be whiz at blogger, and html and I were like *this*. But then the kids got older, and I got more obsessed with facebook. You catch my drift.

While you're here, look at my blinkies. I know, that sounds SO wrong. But according to, that is what they are called. They are over there on the right hand side. Scroll down. No, not Jake. Way below him, and you'll see them. I really like the pathological picture taker one. I am always in everyone's face with a camera. There were a lot more blinkies that I liked, and obviously I could not choose just one. So, you might see more later. I might even put them in my posts. Won't that be wonderfully random?

It's almost midnight and I'm sitting here blogging. Who would have thought? I'm going to blame my husband because he's laying here snoring beside me and he's easier to blame. We watched Walker, Texas Ranger before going to bed and he brought me moose tracks ice cream. Chuck Norris didn't bring me the ice cream, Jake did. However, I would gladly accept it from Chuck. So, now I'm wide awake. Isn't it weird how men can just fall asleep within 5 seconds of laying down?

Since I'm being random, I should give you all a heads up that Lowe's Hardware has a bunch of stuff on clearance right now. How do I know this? Well, I'm fortunate enough to have a husband employed there. He's the department manager of tools. Which is why he's the "Tool Guy". I call him that and it makes him feel better. I guess it's good to fluff his ego once in a while. Just kidding. But I am proud of him. He's climbed the ladder pretty quickly there. Sometimes he comes home pissed off at every tool he see's, but I think he really does enjoy his job. He especially loves finding out the good deals before any one else.

So getting back to the clearance, there are lamps and drapes clearanced WAY down. He called me from work today and told me there was a lamp clearanced down to $9. Even though I protested that we did not need another lamp, he insisted that it was too good of a deal to pass up. And I thought I was the one obsessed with a sale. So, after dinner we went back to Lowe's and got the lamp. We also got 2 drapery panels to sell on ebay, because they were originally $40 a panel and we go them for $6 a panel. Since we have had the same drapes in our bedroom since 2006, we got some for our room too. The packaging says that they save money on your energy bill. But we just liked the fact that they blocked out the sun. Obviously, I'm not a morning person. Did you love my randomness? Hopefully I'll be determined to come back and blog tomorrow.

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