Thursday, October 9, 2008

Links Worth Visiting

I thought that I might share some of the websites and computer programs that I stumbled upon this week. When you are attached to your computer as much as I am, any little website or program that makes the day go by easier is a plus.

Remember the Milk- This catchy phrase for a website truly describes the overall concept of the design. You can add and manage specific to-do list tasks. This site is especially beneficial for work-at-home-moms who are working on several projects at a time. You can classify each task under different categories, such as "work", "personal", etc. Another benefit is that you can share the tasks with other members who sign up, and you do not have to download any programs to use it.

I am still pretty fond of Google Calendar so I did not make the switch to Remember the Milk. If I had more projects or events going on, then Remember the Milk would be a great site to use.

Wowbrary- Mom sent me the link for this one. You simply input your zipcode, and sign up for weekly emails. They will send you an email with all of the new books or DVDs that your local library received.

Stock.Xchng- This is a great site if you need great desktop pictures or illustrations for your blog or website. I had fun just browsing through the pictures.

Miles of Marketing- Found this posted on the WAHM website. You can stick certain advertisement bumper stickers on your car and get paid for advertising. I have not yet researched the site or signed up, but other moms were boasting about how great it is. It might be worth another egg in your basket.

BigCrumbs- You might have seen a banner for this on another site or on the side bar of my blog. I'm loving this site right now. If you are an avid buyer on ebay, then BigCrumbs is the best way to earn cash back. You can also earn by shopping on other websites, or by earning what your referrals earn.

Shutterfly- This is already a very popular photo uploading and sharing site, very similar to Snapfish. However, they have a promotion going on right now. When signing up, you can get 50 of your first 4x6 prints for free, in addition to free standard shipping. I think Snapfish had a similar deal when I signed up for the first time, but I'm not sure what their current promotion is.

How About Orange- I found this blog when I was searching for illustrations to design my blog with. I love all of the crafts on this site. It's a great website for inspirations, or to just clear your mind.

Today's Creative Blog- This is another blog that I loved. There are some really great craft ideas on the site.

Two other things that I found were computer downloads for a free paint and editing software. I was searching for a program similar to Photoshop, but that is a really expensive program so I was looking for an equivalent free program. Both Artweaver and GIMP are similar to one another and many of the reviews stated that they were the closest programs to Photoshop. I cannot decide which program I like the best but they are great for designing blogs or editing your pictures. They are basically a souped up version of your basic Paint program.

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