Sunday, October 12, 2008

GPT Site

I think I might have mentioned this website before, but I thought I would talk about it again since I have been having some success with it lately. CashCrate is probably a website that you have heard of if you are pretty active online. It is known as a GPT site, which means Get Paid To do offers, surveys etc. As with all types of sites like CashCrate, you can earn the largest amount of money through your referrals. However, I have had much more success at just doing the basic offers. I do have 2 referrals, but there is not a lot of cash generated through those.

In the past, I was a little weary of websites like CashCrate. I knew from hearing other people's experiences that you can earn the most by completing trial offers. The thought of trial offers scared me because you had to cancel before a particular date or else you would be charged. I decided to give it a try, and I have been able to cash out twice in the past few months by completing the trial offers. The trick is basically noting the date that you sign up, and keeping a reminder of when you need to cancel.

I have found that the Google Calendar is really helpful with this. I also use Paypal for all of my online transactions. They have a new program called "Paypal Plug-in", which you can access through your paypal account. From there, you can generate "secure cards". Paypal basically generates a credit card number and security AP key for one time use or multiple use. This way, you can enter a credit card number without releasing any real information. Just make sure that you take note of the credit card number, the security key, and expiration date that you use for each offer in case you have to verify this information with one of the trial offers.

Other important facts to remember when using CashCrate:

*Some trial offers will charge a certain fee, such as Shipping and Handling, etc. It is very easy to determine which offers are free to try and it will be listed in the "cost" column.

*Some websites associated with the trial will allow you to cancel your membership directly on their website, others require you to call.

*Be careful about what personal information you use when signing up for any offers. I usually avoid listing my real phone number, or I will list a cell phone number that I no longer use. The same with email addresses. If you do not want a ton of spam, then use an email that you can still check to activate the offer but you do not use frequently.

*You can cash out with Paypal or check. The minimum payout is only $20.

*You can also do "points" offers, which can be cashed out for prizes or payment.

*It takes a day or two for offers to credit to your account, and they will be listed as "pending" until they are completed.

If you want to start with CashCrate, but you are weary about the trial offers at first, then the 100% free offers(no credit card needed) are super quick and easy. The forum on the site is great if you are worried about which offers are the easiest to complete or to get tips about the trial offers. You cannot earn a regular "income" by using CashCrate, and it is by no means a real J-O-B. However, if you want an extra boost in earnings for the month then you will enjoy qualifying for payouts on CashCrate.

Inbox Dollars is another GPT site that I use. It is similar to CashCrate, with a few differences. You can get an automatic $5 just for signing up and you need $30 to cash out.

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