Monday, August 25, 2008

Make Money Off Of Junk Mail

I found this job lead on the site. It is a company who is offering money if you send them your junk mail. At first, I thought that it was talking about junk mail in your email account, but it is actual junk mail in your home mail box. It is a good way to recycle your junk mail instead of just throwing it in the trash where it will eventually end up in a landfill. According to the site, they reimburse for postage and you can write the price of the envelopes off on your taxes. There are some requirements for what type of junk mail that they accept and there is a minimum amount that you can send. Click here to go to the site. Once you arrive, click on "Careers" and then click on "Junk Mailer".

You can also read the post that I first found on the site here.

I'm not sure If I'm going to do this or not. We get a lot of junk mail, but not all of it meets the specifications that they are looking for. Either way, it is a good way to earn a few extra bucks each month.

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