Sunday, August 3, 2008

Baby Update

I just read my pregnancy update for 18 weeks (you can read it too on the left hand column). It says the little "peanut" is as big as a baby doll. How cool is that? Sometimes it feels as if I have a roller coaster in my belly. I guess it is when the baby is turning over, but it feels like my stomach is doing a complete flip. The good news is that I do not get nauseous as opposed to when Jayden would flip around. I was so busy working when I was pregnant with Jayden that I never noticed when he actually started to kick, but I have already started to feel this one. The other day Jayden was laying on my tummy and the baby kicked him. Now, that's love.

I've been trying to get Jake to feel the baby kick but every time he tries to feel it, the baby stops. I guess this one is going to be stubborn too. Another interesting fact that the update said was that the ears are fully developed and the baby can hear. I never read to Jayden when I was pregnant with him, but he was always around music. When I was working he could hear the music in the store, and then in the car on the way to and from work I always had the music loud so that he could hear it. I was always able to tell which music he liked the best because he would kick, which almost felt like dancing, when I would play a particular station. He did the same thing when I would watch Ellen's TV show.

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