Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Freebies of the Day

Only have a few freebies to report today, but they are pretty elaborate. Have fun :)

Aveeno Tote Bag (use the following UPC codes:

(the site only asked me for two UPC codes; offer ends on September 25th)

Free Tote Bag or Pet Travel Kit (You have to enter UPC codes and Lot numbers; each code can be entered twice, and you can only enter two codes each week. You can get two prizes per person. Therefore, the first time, you have to choose between the tote bag or the travel kit. After you accumulate a total of 50 points, you can get bigger prizes such as a pet blanket or pet bed.) (Use the following UPC codes and Lot numbers each time:
UPC Code: 052742680903, Lot#: K1461627ML226
UPC Code: 052742679303, Lot#: K0921828DM100

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