Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Today is me and Jake's 2 year wedding anniversary. It is also our 5 year anniversary. This sounds confusing but it is only because we got married on our 3 year anniversary. Still sounds confusing when I read that back to me! Either way, it has been a long trip and it feels as if we have been together forever! Some people do not know that Jake and I actually went to daycare together. Our mom's also went to high school together. Unfortunately, we did not get to go to the same school until high school but we were friends in 8th grade. I always wish that we had been friends when we were little but fate just did not work that way. So I guess you could say we had a high school romance?

Our wedding was kinda sporatic. We decided on a whim to get married because we did not want it to be a big deal with a lot of people and we also wanted it to be on our 3 year anniversary. We actually were not going to have a wedding at all. We were going to go down to the court house, but when my manager at my old job and some of the other girls found out about that, they surprised us with a wedding in the mall! It was not actually IN the middle of the mall, but in a store that was completely vacant. I had suspicions that they were doing something so I went and bought a white sun dress just in case. Personally, if it had been up to Jake and I, we would have eloped. We both despise weddings and we're kind of private. I would still like to renew our vowels some day. I've always wanted to get married on the beach. Maybe we can make it happen eventually.

First Day of Senior Year

Wedding Day :)

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