Monday, March 24, 2008

Treasure Hunting

Mom and I went antique hunting Saturday and I found the greatest things! Even better, I got them all on SALE... :)

Vintage Jewelry Box= 3.00 Art Deco Necklace= 1.00

Vintage School Book= 1.00 (copyright 1891) I love old books! The contents of this one is hilarious...
"Distortion of the spine and bones of the chest may be caused by tight clothing about the waist" I think the girls from my high school years should have read this book. Ohhh and this "It is to be regretted that the industrial life of many young girls in shops and factories leaves them little chance for practical training in good housekeeping. The school and the cooking school ought to make up this deficiency. Every young woman who has not had this training, should get it in some way before going into a home of her own" Ahem what about the young MEN? Should'nt they learn to cook? Or are they just naturally advanced at everything? Yes I think that might be their argument. Oh and this is my above all favorite quote from this book: "Wine is a poisonous and dangerous drink. The alcohol in it has the power to create the craving for more that leads to drunkenness". HA Oh well let us drink and be merry :)

Sugar and Creamer Set= 3.25 (I jerked these up real quick. My mom has the white set)

Salad Mixer Set= 5.00 (It was 7.50 but she offered 5 instead; this is my favorite purchase of the whole day!)

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*carrie* said...

Thank you for your kind words on my blog!

What fun finds over the weekend--I just love thrifting. Aren't old books so funny sometimes?! Enjoy your new goodies.