Saturday, March 8, 2008

New Freebies

Hey Everyone.

I changed the look of my blog(again). What do you think? I had forgotten how much fun the paint program was. I'm posting a few freebies so that you do not give up on my blog. I hope to have a compiled list for manic monday soon. Enjoy!

US Divers Luggage Tag

Sunsilk Shampoo

Garnier Ultra Lift

McGruff Child Safety Kit

Sign up for the Betty Crocker Newsletter and receive a free Hamburger Helper Microwave Singles pack.

Powerbuilt Socket Sample (ladies, if you do not know what a socket is, do NOT ask a man. It will only make them feel like they know more than you. This is exactly what wikipedia was made for)

Sloppy Joe T-Shirt

Kitchen Ruler and Oven Rack Push-Puller

Create a bridal registry at Bed Bath and Beyond and receive free gifts. (no purchase necessary. Register for the amount that each company requires and then print part of the registry that has the company's products on it, this way you do not have to send in a whole copy of the registry with each mail-in form. I did this on the macy's webpage and I received very nice gifts. I listed the occasion as an anniversary/renew wedding vowels and it went through)


Bring in a copy of the April issue of Seventeen magazine to any participating Aeropostale store and receive a free tank top(valued at $19.95). Offer valid March 4th through April 4th. The free tank top ad is on page 24 of the magazine. (I have not tried this. It has been ages since I have read one of these magazines but it sounds interesting....)

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