Monday, March 10, 2008


I have become addicted to this really amazing site. It is called PaperBackSwap. Once you register(it's free) you post all of your books that you want to get rid of. You can also post hardback covers as well. All of your books are posted onto your "bookshelf". Other members can request the book and then once you accept their request, you have several days to get it mailed. The only thing that you pay for is the postage.

In return, you receive a credit to receive a book of your choice. If you print the postage from home, you will receive an automatic credit. You have to add money to your PBS account so that you can purchase the postage. I did this method for a while and received several amazing books that were basically new. I then signed up for the "Box-O-Books" program. It is only $8 a year and you do not have use any of your credits in order to receive books. For example, lets say I have 10 books that you want. You request those books and then I receive a message that you made the request. I then browse your bookshelf and see if I like any of your books. I can then request 10 of yours and accept your offer. Once you accept my offer, we each mail our boxes of books.

If for some reason you request more books than the other person, they can either decide to accept the offer or decline. While this can become expensive if you have several boxes of books going out to several members, it is am amazing program because you are able to save on postage by mailing in bulk while still receive books without using up your credits. To mail one average sized book it has cost me $2.13. To mail 3 or 4 books, it cost me $3.15. However, I received that many books in return and they were all in wonderful condition.

If you are not a big reader, there are all sorts of books for any type of person. I just received a George Forman cookbook today that I picked off of someone else's shelf. I also received 2 of the "golden" books and one Thomas the Tank engine book for Jayden. If you do not have any credits, you simply type the name of the book in the BOB search bar and find another member who has it. If no one in the PBS system has your book that you want, you can place it on your wish list, and it will notify you when someone posts the book.

To browse my shelf you can search for me under the name "Crystal W." or "jaysmom0703"

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