Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I just posted about the search engine that makes money for you while you work. I thought I should also let everyone know about another job lead that I found. While many of you that work from home are probably already aware of, ChaCha is a company that allows you to work from home at your own convenience.

The company currently teamed up with some of the major cellphone companies, and has made a program where cell phone users can text questions such as "where is the closest pizza restaurant on this street in such and such city?" If you join the ChaCha team, your goal will be to find the answer. You get paid about .20 cents an answer and you can choose to have funds deposited into your checking account or you can get a debit card. I opted out of the debit card because it charges you a fee each time the balance is updated. The reason that I am correlating this post with the previous one about the search bar is because you can use the search bar when you are searching for chacha answers. Not only will you earn a little bit of income with ChaCha, but you can earn money with the search bar.

There is a bit of training involved with ChaCha, but it is just showing that you can search for answer and your typing speed. You have a short amount of time to find the answer but if you enjoy working on a deadline or under pressure then it is the perfect job. Visit ChaCha for more info.

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