Thursday, July 26, 2007


Ok I admit it I have officially been reunited with the Harry Potter extravaganza. For a long time now I have kinda ventured away from it, mostly because I got hooked more on Nicholas Sparks and other romance related authors but the latest HP movie did it to me again. I actually never finished reading the fifth book. So, after seeing the movie I just had to know what happens. Apparently my Mom bought me and my brother the sixth book a while back and I forgot about it. There is certainly a lot more teenage love going on in this one that's for sure. My brother has already finished the sixth book and the seventh so it's been hard to not let him tell me what happens in the end, even though he has given several hints. I'm at the part of the book where you can tell Ron is getting ready to dump Lavender and really wants to be with Hermione. I'm about to burst waiting for Ron and Hermione to just admit they like eachother! It's about to drive me insane!

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