Tuesday, March 10, 2009

YouData is my New Favorite!

I've been a member of all of those different types of websites where they pay you to read emails. But, it takes forever to cash out because most of those sites set their payment threshold very high. I was browsing around another mom's blog and I found out about this really neat company called YouData. They also pay you to read ads, and the pay ranges from 10 cents to 20 cents per ad. I know this sounds low, BUT they pay every Friday. What is even better is that the ads are not really ads at all. Instead, you are getting paid to view websites. Once you choose to view the ad and you are taken to the website, you are automatically credited. I have actually found out about some really cool websites just by reading ads for YouData.

The added benefit of this site is that you choose the type of websites/ads that you want to see. After registering for an account, you are prompted to fill out your "MeFile". This is basically a bunch of short surveys that you fill out about yourself. You can choose how much you want to store in your MeFile. However, the more you tell them about yourself, the more ads you will be prone to get. YouData is fairly new and I have been told that they are adding new merchant's ads daily! If you want to donate your funds to a good cause, you split your generated revenue to help benefit the Pink Ribbons Project which you can read more about by clicking on the link. I should also add that there is not minimum that you have to make to cashout, and you do not even have to tell them that you want to cashout. They automatically deposit your funds into your paypal every Friday! Look below for my proof of payment....

Do me a favor and let YouData know that I sent you to their site!

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