Thursday, June 12, 2008

Be Weary About Using Your Debit Card at Walgreens

I wanted to give everyone a warning about using your debit card at Walgreens. My parents have had a source from a location in Spain access their debit card number after paying at Walgreens. The first time they had no idea that the person had accessed the store's database at Walgreens, but they were fortuante enough to get the money back. It happened again with my Dad's debit card this time, right after they made a purchase from Walgreens. It is the same Spain destination. The scary fact is that these overseas places and even creeps in the US will hack into the register databases at major chain stores. Their bank was going to file a police report the first time, but since the stupid jerks are overseas it is harder to track them down. I love Walgreens but I would use cash or credit if you shop there for a while.

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