Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Loving Update

I know I have missed the date for Manic Monday AGAIN. I promise to have it up real soon. Jake, Jayden and I moved into our apartment last Friday. We pretty much moved everything in on Friday. And when I say "we" I guess I should say "the guys". I pretty much supervised :) I have slowly emptied boxes, between working and keeping Jayden happy. I cannot leave him in the room by himself because he cries. He is certainly high maintenance that's for sure. I think most people think I am over exaggerating about him until they actually see his crabby side.

I am completely obsessed with the movie "Across the Universe". Thanks to Clarke for introducing me to Beatles music :) Dear Easter Bunny, I really want that movie. Anyways, I will have Manic Monday up as soon as I can! Thanks for being patient!

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